Friday, November 20, 2009

A Jolly Good Gift Idea for the Frugal, No-Frills Holiday Shopper

The Holidays are fast approaching and if your wallet does not recover from buying binges like it used to, you are not alone. Many are planning to shop more conservatively this year. There's nothing wrong with having a "no-frills" holiday - one where you spend less and spend what you do more wisely.

This desire to be more frugal may be difficult if you draw the conclusion that a new family computer might be necessary because the old one is slow and unreliable and you're tired of its temperamental behavior. It may be really tempting to whip out your credit card and head on down to the store. Hold on, before you do invest in a new PC, take a deep breath and consider this: the problems with your PC may be fixable. You may be able to get it running like new with RegistryWizard™ (

Every time a new application is installed or a setting is changed within Windows, an entry documenting the change is added to a database repository called the Windows Registry. Over time the registry fills up with these entries and becomes cluttered and fragmented. This can cause your PC to slow down or crash or to have an assortment of other problems.

RegistryWizard is an all-in-one tool for correcting 24 different types of errors in your PC's registry. If you have RegistryWizard, be sure to run the scan as frequently as once every couple of months. If you don't have RegistryWizard, consider getting it. You might even consider giving it to someone as a holiday gift. It's a lot less expensive than buying a new computer, but might make you feel like you just bought a new one

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