Friday, October 23, 2009

Is Your PC Windows 7 Ready?

The newest version of Windows has arrived with enhanced features and streamlined performance. As with previous steps in the evolution of Windows, however, Windows 7 makes more demands on the PC than previous versions. If you looking to upgrade from an earlier Windows version, especially XP, you may find that your computer cannot handle Windows 7.

The websites, newsletters, and even the outside of the software’s box tell you what your PC needs to be like in order to run Windows 7, giving both minimum and recommended configurations. That’s fine if you speak computerese, and if you also know exactly what your PC’s configuration actually is. If you are into doing things the easy way, however, there is a quick and simple test to find out if your PC is Windows 7-ready.

Phoenix Technologies is offering an online Windows 7 compatibility test for your PC that will check out your system for you. It can determine your PC’s memory, storage, processing, and other capabilities and then compare them to what Windows 7 needs. It can also recommend improvements to your PC, such as adding memory, which can enhance its performance with the new software.

The test is easy to take with no studying required. Just go to and click on the test button. A simple program will load onto your computer and run through the test sequence. You don’t need to find your old manual or dig into the Windows System Manager to find out if your PC has what it takes. The test program will tell you if all is well and if not, what to do about it.

Taking the Phoenix Windows 7 compatibility test is well worth the effort. It avoids the time, expense, and frustration of finding out during installation that your PC can’t handle Windows 7. And if your PC passes, you can move your system over to Windows 7 with confidence in a successful upgrade.

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