Friday, September 18, 2009

Fall In Love with Your PC Again

Few relationships between individuals and their electronic devices are as intimate as the one they establish with their personal computers. If you're like most, you probably have very vivid memories of when you first acquired your PC.

Remember how you carefully unpacked it? And then lovingly made all the right connections? The CPU to the screen, the keyboard, the mouse, and the printer. Remember when you turned it on for the first time? Recall the giddy excitement as you opened applications, moused over everything on the desktop, and surfed the Web?

You probably had dreams about all the things you could do and would do with your new computer. It was lightning fast and uncluttered. It had that fresh "new" smell. The screen was pristine and there were no dust or cookie crumbs embedded between the keys.

Then time goes by. You've had a good year or more together and you've accomplished a lot. But now things aren't going so smoothly between you and your PC. It is running a lot slower and maybe even suffering from occasional hanging, freezing, or crashing. You are starting to think that maybe you're going to have to get rid of it and start all over with a new one. Wait! That's an expensive and time-consuming proposition.

One simple but important way of restoring your PC's performance and reliability is to clean the registry - the tool that Windows® uses to keep track of information about the many software pieces your PC uses.

RegistryWizard™ ( can check the registry for entries on programs that are no longer in the computer, verify that cross references are valid and accurate, and eliminate the empty spaces to make the list more compact and efficient to use. It can also rearrange registry entries to streamline program execution.

The benefits of cleaning the registry are immediate and obvious. Your PC will boot faster and activate programs more quickly. Programs may also execute more quickly, improving such things as video playback and game performance. Most importantly, many of those annoying freezes, glitches, and crashes will simply vanish.

Cleaning the registry doesn't solve all computer problems, but it will go a long way toward restoring your computer's performance and reviving your affection for it.

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