Thursday, September 24, 2009

"Can't Count on Microsoft to Update Drivers”

In Dwight Silverman’s TechBlog this week, he posted an article about updating drivers in Windows. He wrote that it “has always been a hassle…starting with Windows Vista and continuing with Windows 7.”

What Silverman learned when he tried to move some music files around on his “home-built Windows 7 PC” and wrote about was that: the “Windows Update” may not be providing users with the most up-to-date drivers.

Again, for those who are not aware, drivers are small pieces of software that PCs need in order to communicate with attached devices like printers or other peripherals. If you don’t stay current, by updating the drivers when new ones are provided, many devices may stop working properly as systems, other devices, and software programs evolve.

A fellow named Ed. C. probably said it best when he posted this succinct message in the “Comments” section of Silverman’s blog, “You just can't count on Microsoft to update drivers.”

Others weighed in with these statements:

Duane said:
“This is an argument in favor of the non-Microsoft solutions that crop up to fill the gap like DriverAgent, DriverDetective, and a bunch of others. Microsoft's relying on vendors to tell them the latest drivers, while third party services are more likely to go crawl the vendors and find out for themselves.”

King Fisher wrote:
“…Windows Update does a lousy job with drivers…”

Trey’s comment was:
“I’ve never had much luck trusting Windows to update my machine with current drivers…I use an app called DriverAgent, automatically finds/downloads latest drivers…”

Silverman ended his posting saying he contacted “Microsoft's Windows Update team who are looking into why I'm being offered older drivers when newer ones are already in place. They've requested some log files from my PC. Once I know more, I'll update this post.”

Wonder how long he’ll have to wait before he gets an answer?

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