Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Updated Drivers Sharpen Nvidia Graphics

Each new generation of graphics cards for PCs raises the bar in terms of speed and detail. But gamers and other power graphics users don’t always need to update their card in order to gain performance. Simply updating the PC’s graphics card drivers can help sharpen the performance of existing cards by improving performance, fixing bugs, and enabling new features.

Driver updates can be a challenge, however, in part because companies like Nvidia produce so many versions of their cards and each needs a unique driver. Furthermore, it may be hard to determine what specific card a PC has installed.'s DriverAgent(tm) from Phoenix Technologies can help clear up this confusion. DriverAgent scans your PC to determine exactly what drivers it is using, then searches its massive database to find the latest available version, and updates the PC automatically. One simple operation ensures that the PC is using the fastest and most reliable drivers available, keeping the action fast and the graphics sharp.

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