Thursday, July 2, 2009

Clearing Cobwebs from Windows

Ever notice that, over time, Windows takes longer and longer to load and your PC gets sluggish like it needs a strong cup of coffee to clear the cobwebs out of its head?

You’re not imagining it. One of the reasons this happens is the gradual accumulation of out-of-date and unused drivers.

Drivers are small programs that the PC needs in order to communicate with attached hardware such as media players, PDAs, and GPS units that use the PC connection for file transfers and the like.

Over time, Windows needs updates to add functionality and fix bugs, and so do these drivers. But these updated drivers come from the vendors of the devices, not Microsoft, so it’s up to you to maintain them. The challenge is, there are hundreds on your PC and not all of them are still being used.

DriverAgent from Phoenix Technologies automates driver maintenance so that your PC can remain fast and reliable. The application automatically identifies out-of-date drivers and downloads updates from its database of more than a million drivers for virtually every connected device. So with a single click, the cobwebs can be gone.

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