Thursday, July 9, 2009

Avoid Driver Dead Zones

Users of Verizon cellular services can enhance their wireless device’s utility by linking it to their PC. Such a link-up lets the two exchange files such as music and video, and give the PC a cellular connection to the Internet. An essential element of this link-up is somewhat hidden software on the PC called a driver.

Drivers give the PC details on how to interact with attached devices such as printers, flash drives, and Verizon cell phones. Each type device needs its own driver and, like all software, drivers occasionally need updating to keep the PC operating at its best.

That task can be tedious and error prone, however, because a typical PC contains more than 100 drivers and they all come from different vendors. DriverAgent from Phoenix Technologies can help. It finds all drivers on a PC and automatically updates them from a database with more than a million entries, keeping the PC running smoothly and free of driver dead zones.

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