Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Updating Nokia Phone Drivers? No Problem

You can do a lot by connecting your Nokia phone to a PC. In addition to customizing your phone with music and images, you can backup and synchronize important content such as contact lists and schedules. You can even use the phone to get your PC connected to the Internet when traveling.

Every type of device that you connect to a PC, however, needs a special program called a driver to handle device-specific details the PC needs to know. As with other software on the PC, those drivers need regular updates to keep working at peak effectiveness, and there are hundreds of them on a typical PC.

DriverAgent from Phoenix Technologies makes keeping these drivers updated as simple as a mouse click. The application will compared the drivers on your PC with its million-plus database, and automatically replace those that are out of date. Your system will work better and your Nokia-PC connection will stay at peak performance.

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