Thursday, June 25, 2009

Making the Most of the Motorola Magic

Camcorder, stereo, walkie-talkie, Motorola phones are all this and more. By linking them to a PC you can also use them as a mobile extension of your office, complete with contact databases, email access, and date book.

To make the most of the Motorola magic, however, that PC link needs to be in top shape. Connections to a PC depend on an almost hidden bit of software called a driver that tells the PC important details about the device you are connecting, and every device needs its own driver.

Making sure all this driver software remains up to date could be a major chore but for the DriverAgent application from Phoenix Technologies. This application will look at the hundreds-plus drivers on your PC, determine which ones are out of date, and automatically update them for you. This helps keep your PC operating smoothly, and ensures the link to your Motorola phone is the best available.

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