Friday, June 19, 2009

Maintain the Helio Connection

Users of Helio mobile phones and personal media players have a challenge to look forward to. The company was purchased by Virgin Mobile last year, and plans are afoot to move the Helio brand over to Virgin. Service will remain intact, but support might change. In particular, finding updated drivers for connecting to a Helio device to a PC may become more difficult as Virgin Mobile erases the brand.

Drivers are an essential part of the software for the link between the PC and a Helio – or any other attached device for that matter. Drivers are needed, for example, in order to use applications such as MediaMover that transfer music and video from the PC for the Helio to play. These drivers need to be periodically updated to maintain PC performance and stability as well as access new Helio features that become available.

The DriverAgent application from Phoenix Technologies can help. It compares the drivers on a PC to a database of more than a million, identifying out-of-date drivers and updating them automatically, maintaining the Helio connection through the company’s changeover.

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