Monday, June 15, 2009

Keeping Your GPS On Track

When you’re trying to get somewhere, knowing where you are is only half the answer. You also need to know where your destination lies. For this reason, maps are critical elements of GPS personal navigation devices. But the world changes and maps can become out of date.

To update the map in your GPS you need to connect it to a PC. To make that connection, you need driver software on the PC. But PC software and drivers can also become out of date, leading to poor performance or even system failure. Yet a PC can have more than a hundred drivers – all of which need maintenance. Without help, driver maintenance quickly builds to a burden.

DriverAgent from Phoenix Technologies is an application that can help. It will identify all the drivers on your PC that need maintenance, and update them automatically from a database more than a million strong. Your PC will use the best available software to connect, helping keep your GPS on track.

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