Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Keeping Drivers Up-to-Date, Driving You Crazy?

Your Palm mobile device contains contact databases, appointment schedules, entertainment media, and more in support of your business travel. While it is great for retrieving information, however, it can be awkward for entering data. To load your Palm, you’ll want a connection to a PC.

This PC-Palm connection requires a driver. Like all software, that driver is subject to periodic updates to increase performance and improve functionality. Further, drivers may need updates in order to continue reliable operation as other software in the PC changes. The problem: a PC may use more than 100 different drivers in its operation.

Keeping all these drivers up-to-date could be a major chore, but the DriverAgent application from Phoenix Technologies eases the burden. DriverAgent can automatically identify all old drivers on your PC and update them for you with just a few mouse clicks. For your PC this means faster and more reliable operation. It also keeps your PC-Palm connection smooth and clean.

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