Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Keep Your I-Device in Top Shape

Your iPod and iPhone are continually being enhanced. Recent updates to the iPhone, for instance, have added public transit walking directions and an ability to share your location via email. But to gain access to such updates you need to connect the device to your PC and download the software updates. And to do that, you need device driver software.

Like the I-device software, drivers also improve over time and also need updating to gain new features. Further, attempting to use old drivers with new applications can cause the PC to become unstable or crash. Yet maintaining driver updates can be a challenge because a PC can have hundreds of drivers.

The DriverAgent program from Phoenix Technologies simplifies this chore. DriverAgent compares the drivers you use to a database with over a million drivers. It will find your out-of-date drivers and replace them automatically, helping keep your I-Devices in top shape.

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