Friday, June 5, 2009

Improve Intelligence of Smartphones

Today’s cell phones do so much more than make calls that the word “phone” is almost insulting. Part of keeping these phones smart is their ability to connect to a PC for transferring files such as music and videos, contact databases, and schedules. This PC connection can even merge the phone and PC into a single, super-powered unit.

A critical element in this connection is driver software that Windows uses but that comes from the phone vendor. Keeping this driver up-to-date helps ensure that the connection remains stable and operating at peak performance. The trick is knowing where to find and install driver updates.

The DriverAgent(tm) application from Phoenix Technologies handles this for you automatically. It has access to a driver database more than a million strong, quickly checking every driver on your PC for newer versions and automatically downloading those updates. A few mouse clicks is all you need to keep your smart phone, smart.

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