Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Updating Nokia Phone Drivers? No Problem

You can do a lot by connecting your Nokia phone to a PC. In addition to customizing your phone with music and images, you can backup and synchronize important content such as contact lists and schedules. You can even use the phone to get your PC connected to the Internet when traveling.

Every type of device that you connect to a PC, however, needs a special program called a driver to handle device-specific details the PC needs to know. As with other software on the PC, those drivers need regular updates to keep working at peak effectiveness, and there are hundreds of them on a typical PC.

DriverAgent from Phoenix Technologies makes keeping these drivers updated as simple as a mouse click. The application will compared the drivers on your PC with its million-plus database, and automatically replace those that are out of date. Your system will work better and your Nokia-PC connection will stay at peak performance.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Check Out a Blogger's Video Review of Freeze

Kevin Tofel of JK on the Run is trying out Phoenix Freeze's free trial and demonstrating on video how he set up the cool new product and uses it here:


Freeze is a patent-pending solution for laptops and netbooks that combines with your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone to provide you with a convenient, always-on proximity locking system. It will automatically lock down your laptop whenever you walk away from it with your smartphone.

When you return within a certain proximity of your laptop that you pre-defined, it automatically unlocks it. Freeze offers safety, security, and peace of mind without the annoying effort required to constantly lock and unlock your laptop with passwords or finger swipes.

Making the Most of the Motorola Magic

Camcorder, stereo, walkie-talkie, Motorola phones are all this and more. By linking them to a PC you can also use them as a mobile extension of your office, complete with contact databases, email access, and date book.

To make the most of the Motorola magic, however, that PC link needs to be in top shape. Connections to a PC depend on an almost hidden bit of software called a driver that tells the PC important details about the device you are connecting, and every device needs its own driver.

Making sure all this driver software remains up to date could be a major chore but for the DriverAgent application from Phoenix Technologies. This application will look at the hundreds-plus drivers on your PC, determine which ones are out of date, and automatically update them for you. This helps keep your PC operating smoothly, and ensures the link to your Motorola phone is the best available.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

If You Delete a File By Mistake, You Can Get it Back

No matter how careful we are, we all make mistakes. Fortunately, when we mistakenly delete files from our computer there are ways to recover them. We can “undo” the delete.

When a computer, camera or a similar hardware device deletes a file it doesn’t actually remove the information. Deleting a file simply marks the space where it was stored as empty and available. Until that space is needed again, nothing happens to the data. This is a bit like leaving something in your hotel room when you check out. It stays right there until someone comes in and disposes of it.

So if you delete a file by mistake, chances are you’ll be able to get it back. You just need software to search the “empty” spaces to find and retrieve it. That’s the job of UndeletePlusPhoenix Technologies’ file recovery software that works with PCs, flash drives, digital cameras, and other products that store data. Simply scan for deleted files, select those you want back, and click a button to restore the information or image you thought was lost forever.

Of course, not all files can be recovered all of the time. If housekeeping has already cleaned your hotel room, you probably can’t retrieve that left behind item. Computers are designed to reuse the space that deleted files occupied. As a result, deleted files can be permanently damaged or destroyed. Fortunately, most computers have lots of space available for saving data, so there’s a good chance that your recently deleted file will be retrievable. The longer a file has been deleted, the less likely you’ll be able to recover it. UndeletePlus will inform you of the chances for recovering the file you want to retrieve.

UndeletePlus helps you find the deleted file you want to restore by allowing you to:
- Filter the scanning results by file name, size, type, and date created.
- Sort the results by name, size, recovery status, and original location.
- Preview the file’s contents – text or image as appropriate – so you can be sure you recover the one you want.
- Recover multiple files simultaneously so you don’t have to pick just one.
- Recover files and save to a different drive or partition so that restoring the files doesn’t damage anything on the original drive, not even other unrecovered files.

Mistakes don’t have to be irreversible, especially computer ones. For accidental file deletion, Undelete-Plus lets you undo the error. Try it out for free at http://www.undeleteplus.com/.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Maintain the Helio Connection

Users of Helio mobile phones and personal media players have a challenge to look forward to. The company was purchased by Virgin Mobile last year, and plans are afoot to move the Helio brand over to Virgin. Service will remain intact, but support might change. In particular, finding updated drivers for connecting to a Helio device to a PC may become more difficult as Virgin Mobile erases the brand.

Drivers are an essential part of the software for the link between the PC and a Helio – or any other attached device for that matter. Drivers are needed, for example, in order to use applications such as MediaMover that transfer music and video from the PC for the Helio to play. These drivers need to be periodically updated to maintain PC performance and stability as well as access new Helio features that become available.

The DriverAgent application from Phoenix Technologies can help. It compares the drivers on a PC to a database of more than a million, identifying out-of-date drivers and updating them automatically, maintaining the Helio connection through the company’s changeover.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Keeping Drivers Up-to-Date, Driving You Crazy?

Your Palm mobile device contains contact databases, appointment schedules, entertainment media, and more in support of your business travel. While it is great for retrieving information, however, it can be awkward for entering data. To load your Palm, you’ll want a connection to a PC.

This PC-Palm connection requires a driver. Like all software, that driver is subject to periodic updates to increase performance and improve functionality. Further, drivers may need updates in order to continue reliable operation as other software in the PC changes. The problem: a PC may use more than 100 different drivers in its operation.

Keeping all these drivers up-to-date could be a major chore, but the DriverAgent application from Phoenix Technologies eases the burden. DriverAgent can automatically identify all old drivers on your PC and update them for you with just a few mouse clicks. For your PC this means faster and more reliable operation. It also keeps your PC-Palm connection smooth and clean.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Keeping Your GPS On Track

When you’re trying to get somewhere, knowing where you are is only half the answer. You also need to know where your destination lies. For this reason, maps are critical elements of GPS personal navigation devices. But the world changes and maps can become out of date.

To update the map in your GPS you need to connect it to a PC. To make that connection, you need driver software on the PC. But PC software and drivers can also become out of date, leading to poor performance or even system failure. Yet a PC can have more than a hundred drivers – all of which need maintenance. Without help, driver maintenance quickly builds to a burden.

DriverAgent from Phoenix Technologies is an application that can help. It will identify all the drivers on your PC that need maintenance, and update them automatically from a database more than a million strong. Your PC will use the best available software to connect, helping keep your GPS on track.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Keep Your I-Device in Top Shape

Your iPod and iPhone are continually being enhanced. Recent updates to the iPhone, for instance, have added public transit walking directions and an ability to share your location via email. But to gain access to such updates you need to connect the device to your PC and download the software updates. And to do that, you need device driver software.

Like the I-device software, drivers also improve over time and also need updating to gain new features. Further, attempting to use old drivers with new applications can cause the PC to become unstable or crash. Yet maintaining driver updates can be a challenge because a PC can have hundreds of drivers.

The DriverAgent program from Phoenix Technologies simplifies this chore. DriverAgent compares the drivers you use to a database with over a million drivers. It will find your out-of-date drivers and replace them automatically, helping keep your I-Devices in top shape.

Monday, June 8, 2009

UndeletePlus(TM) Helps Recover Lost Files With New

Upgraded UndeletePlus expands PC tools and Optimization products available through eSupport.com(TM)

Phoenix Technologies, the leader in PC 3.0(TM) products, services and embedded technologies, today announced its new UndeletePlus file recovery software with technology to retrieve deleted files and a user-friendly interface. The software refresh adds a powerful component to Phoenix's consumer PC utilities tools site, eSupport.com, and expands the reach into the consumer market for the company's PC 3.0 strategy of providing products and services that eliminate complexity from a PC user's life, making the PC more fun and easy to use...

Read the entire press release here:

Friday, June 5, 2009

Improve Intelligence of Smartphones

Today’s cell phones do so much more than make calls that the word “phone” is almost insulting. Part of keeping these phones smart is their ability to connect to a PC for transferring files such as music and videos, contact databases, and schedules. This PC connection can even merge the phone and PC into a single, super-powered unit.

A critical element in this connection is driver software that Windows uses but that comes from the phone vendor. Keeping this driver up-to-date helps ensure that the connection remains stable and operating at peak performance. The trick is knowing where to find and install driver updates.

The DriverAgent(tm) application from Phoenix Technologies handles this for you automatically. It has access to a driver database more than a million strong, quickly checking every driver on your PC for newer versions and automatically downloading those updates. A few mouse clicks is all you need to keep your smart phone, smart.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

How Does Microsoft’s Latest Browser Internet Explorer 8 Rate?

Most Give It a Thumbs UpThe latest version of Microsoft’s web browser, Internet Explorer 8 (IE8), has been released and the general consensus is that most people like the new features, although there is some grumbling.

Compared to IE7, this new version offers some handy features to simplify the web experience. These features include:

  • Improved Tabs – When you open a new tab from a page you are viewing, IE8 places the tabs together and color codes them to form a group so you can quickly find related pages.
  • Increased Reliability – If you open a page that is damaged or corrupted, IE8 only closes the affected tab rather than the entire browser.
  • Enhanced Security – IE8 includes new security features such as cross-scripting filters and anti-phishing functions that block known phishing sites as well as show you a web page’s main domain so you can feel confident you are on a legitimate site.
  • Accelerators – You can deliver information from another website directly to the current page you are on with a single click, such as highlighting an address then calling up a map to show the location without leaving the current page.
  • Web Slices – These deliver information to IE8 from a web page you are not currently visiting, letting you monitor things like stock prices without navigating to the financial page.
  • Private Browsing – In this mode, IE8 will automatically delete all cookies, passwords, temporary files, and history when you close the browser.
  • Compatibility View – Pages designed for older browser versions may not display properly on IE8, but it can automatically switch to a compatibility mode that will correct the problem.

Most reviewers like the additions and enhancements that streamline the viewing experience and are now favorably comparing IE8 to its competitor Firefox. Still, there are some detractors. Users are reporting that IE8 can be a memory hog with its linked tabs and that it seems slower in operation than IE7. For most, however, the enhanced features and improved Internet experience make IE8 a worthwhile upgrade.